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Huge, warm-blooded seagoing mammals of the class cetacea (as with dolphins and porpoises); breathe through blow hole(s) on top of head; capable of 10 knots speed; can dive to 3000' but cruise close to surface; different types distinguishable by head shape, tale (blue/right/humpback/sperm)and whether eat plankton or krill

Related Source:

Moby-Dick, or, The Whale (1851)
Book of Whales, The
In Pursuit of Leviathan: Technology, Institutions, Productivity, and Profits in American Whaling
Natural History of the Sperm Whale, The (1839)

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external image rightwhalespermwhale.gif
Profiles of Right Whale (top) and Sperm Whale (bottom)
Image ID: 1762
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Painting by Richard Ellis (1984)
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external image humpbacks.jpg
Humpback whales feeding in Monterrey Bay
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Image ID: 1054

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