Sperm Whale

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Pacific Ocean

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The largest (85-90' long; 40' in circumference; 90 tons) farthest ranging and deepest diving of whale types; distinguished by anvil-shaped skull, which contains especially valuable spermacetti oil. Has single, forward-slanting spout. Secretes ambergris, a valuable by-product of its diet of squid. Masticates with row of 42 bottom teeth. First hunted by Nantucket whalers (Coffins/Macys)in 1720s. Melville's Moby-Dick was a sperm whale.

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Moby-Dick, or, The Whale (1851)

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__Moby-Dick__, Ch. 32, "Cetology" __Moby-Dick__, Ch. 41, "Moby-Dick" __Moby-Dick__, Ch. 74, "The Sperm Whale's Head" Moby-Dick, Ch. 102, "A Bower in the Arsacides" Moby-Dick , Ch. 103, "Measurement of the Whale's Skeleton"

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