Name / Description

Penobscot River




Martin Pring (1603)

Length (miles)


Part of / Flows into

east to Penobscot Bay; Atlantic



Additional Notes

350 miles long; rising in numerous lakes in central Maine; flows generally E in 4 branches, uniting, then flowing S into Penobscot Bay; longest river in Maine. The river, navigable to Bangor, is an important source of power for pulpwood and paper mills. The Penobscot´┐Żs upper course is in a wooded region famous for hunting, fishing, and canoeing. Pulpwood and petroleum prods. are the principal freight on the river. The Penobscot was 1st explored by the Eng. voyager Martin Pring in 1603; in 1604 the Fr. explorer Samuel de Champlain sailed up the course of the river. Navigable to Bangor

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