Name / Description

Nantucket Sound


Banks, Bays and Sounds

Size (sq. miles)


Part of / Flows into

Vineyard Sound and Atlantic


Massachusetts and US

Additional Notes

163 square nautical miles of water and seabed between Cape Cod, Vineyard Sound, and the islands of martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, extending seward beyond Monomoy and Nantucket Islands, This barrier beach-bay system consists of: nearshore waters; barrier beach; estuaries and bays; tidal wetlands; brackish/salt ponds; embayed islands; rivers and streams; freshwater wetlands; upland areas. Part of the Nantucket Shelf Region, it shares the continental shelf with the Gulf of Maine region to the north and the Middle Atlantic region to the south. It is along the North Atlantic Flyaway, serving as a fereding and breeding ground to many species of birds, including the federally protected piping plover. It is also a breeding ground for gray seals.

Related Event

1976 - Argo Merchant oil spill in Nantucket Sound, 1980 - Court gives US jurisdiction of part of Nantucket Sound, 2001 - Proposal to build wind farm in Nantucket Sound, 2004 - Army Engineers report backs wind farm in Nantucket Sound

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