Name / Description

Grand Banks


Banks, Bays and Sounds



Length (miles)


Depth (feet)


Size (sq. miles)


Part of / Flows into

North Atlantic



Additional Notes

submarine plateau rising from the continental shelf, c.36,000 sq miles, off SE N.F., Canada; c.300 miles long, c.400 miles wide; 47�00'N 52�00'W. Depths range from 20 to 100 fathoms. The cold Labrador Current flows over most of the banks; the warmer Gulf Stream sweeps along the E edge, sometimes crossing the S part. The Grand Banks are noted for the persistent dense fog (formed as warm air passes over cold water) that engulfs the area. The mingling of the 2 currents along with the shallowness of the water forms a favorable environment for plankton and other small sea life upon which cod, haddock, halibut, and other fish feed. Lobsters are also found here. Supplies have dwindled in recent years, however, leading to govt.-imposed limits on fishing. The Grand Banks were probably the world�s most important fishing ground until 1977, when Canada extended its offshore jurisdiction to include most of the area. [Columbia Gazetteer of the World]

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