Arthur Barlowe



Occupation 1

Ship captain


NA/South & Gulf region


Europe's Reconnaissance (1351-1640)


One of the two captains commanding the ships that made the first passage from England to Roanoke Island in 1584, in the commission of Walter Raleigh. The other captain was Philip Amadas.

Related People

Raleigh, Sir Walter
White, John
Amadas, Philip

Related Locations

Roanoke Island

Related Events

1584 - First English landing in North America on Roanoke Island

1585 - Sir Walter Raleigh plants Roanoke Island colony

Related Source

Roanoke: The Abandoned Colony (1984)

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Virtual Jamestown -- A massive digital archive of documents, images and other digitized materials relating to the planting of Jamestown and the earlier attempts to establish a settlement on Roanoke Island

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